Office of University Secretary

Office of University Secretary
Position Name Extension Campus Building Room e-mail Mobile
Office of University Secretary
University Secretary Ms Jane Hutchison 8199 Parramatta EB EB 0417224443
University Secretary and General Counsel Ms Helen Fleming 9895 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.18
Office of Audit and Risk Assessment
Chief Audit and Risk Officer Mr Aman Chand 1517 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.02 0404010116
Risk Business Partner Ms Sharan Kaur 1193 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.12 0449848870
Internal Audit Officer Dr Bingyi Li 1282 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.12 0432994546
Audit & Compliance Officer Ms Beth Pellow 1145 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.01
Senior Audit Manager Manish Madhok Hawkesbury 0450153895
Office of Governance Services
Director, Governance Services Ms Sophie Buck 1415 Hawkesbury K10 K10.G.11 0410510484
Administration Officer, Corporate Governance Ms Teneille Rousianos 1616 Hawkesbury K10 K10.G.01
Right to Information Officer 7267 Penrith (Werrington North)
Casual General Administration Assistant Annette Spillane Hawkesbury
Other Units Within This Portfolio
Office of Governance Services.