NICM Health Research Institute

NICM Health Research Institute
Position Name Extension Campus Building Room e-mail Mobile
NICM Health Research Institute
Visiting Fellow Muhammad Ali 4760 Westmead J J
Casual Research Officer - Cognitive Neuroscience Dr Frances De Blasio Westmead 0414416237
Research Management Officer Miss Gemma Deakin 4750 Westmead J J.1.NIL 0406221295
Vice-Chancellor's Research/Senior Research Fellow - Plant Molecular Biology Dr Michelle Liu Parramatta
Casual Research Assistant - NACOCD Project Thomas Nguyen Westmead
Clinical Research Associate Sharon Sampath Westmead
Casual Academic/Postgraduate (PhD) Dr Kiran Shahbaz Westmead J J
Research Project Manager Dr Kriscia Tapia Westmead J J 0422610330
Directors Office
Senior Manager Operations and Strategy Ms Jasmine Katakos 4738 Westmead J J.1.41 0408244502
Institute Co-ordinator Mrs Jule Forti 4753 Westmead J J.1.48
Communications Strategy Manager Natalie Connor 4726 Westmead J J.1.36 0417259054
Communications Officer Ms Jennifer Rodda 4735 Westmead J J.1.NIL 0417296203
Clinical Trial Manager (Mon-Wed) Ms Suzannah Bourchier 4724 Westmead J J.1.NIL
Research Policy Officer Ms Katherine Corcoran 0431110664 Westmead 0431110664
Administration Officer Melissa Jordana 4755 Westmead J J.1.NIL
Casual Academic 2019 Nicole Ableson Westmead
Casual Research Assistant - WSIH Evidence Summaries and Patient Registry Sarah Benna Doyle Westmead
Casual Administrative Officer - Bensoussan Blackmores Donation Ms Vicki Brown 4732 Westmead J J
Casual Research Assistant - Effect of Functional Dairy Powder on Gut Bacteria Vu Bao Dang Westmead
Casual Research Assistant - Gynoclear Trial Toobah Farooqi Westmead 0469157598
Casual Research Assistant - Neurocognition Lab Jack Fogarty Westmead 0447807500
Casual Technical Assistant - HazMat Kiran Kaur Westmead
NICM Administrative Officer June Knight Westmead
Casual Clinical Trials Rater - Chang SLT Trial Isabella Leung Westmead
Casual Research Assistant - Sarris NHMRC OCD Trial Joelle Metri Westmead
Casual Research Assistant - Targeted Education Approach to Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes Holly Ratajec Westmead
Casual Research Assistant - Weight Management after Breast Cancer Anna Singleton Westmead
Casual Research Assistant - Dementia Project Irena Stojcevska Westmead
Casual Research Assistant - Antioxidant Testing Henry Tong Westmead
Laboratory Staff
Laboratory Manager Mr Dina Vadassery 4778 Westmead J J.1.68
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Natural Products Chemist Dr Deep Bhuyan 4778 Westmead J J.1.STH
Post Doctoral Research Fellow Dr Mitchell Low 4778 Westmead J J.1.69 0431067086
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Xian Zhou 4741 Westmead J J.1.33
Laboratory Technician Eryn Soneta Westmead
Healthy Hearts
Professor Of Pharmacology/Associate Director Research, Engagement & Partnerships, Asia Professor Dennis Chang 4725 Westmead J J.1.37 0404453682
Professor Pharmacology Professor Chun Guang Li 4743 Westmead J J.1.40
NHMRC-ARC Dementia Senior Research Development Fellow Assoc. Prof. Genevieve Steiner 4761 Westmead J J.1.39 0410342397
Trial Coordinator/Research Assistant Dr Diana Karamacoska 4723 Westmead J J.1.38 0479150816
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Guoyan (Emily) Yang 4700 Westmead J J.1.NIL
Clinical Trials Rater Ms Lena Hattom 4759 Westmead J J.1.38
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Clinical Research Dr Angelo Sabag 4720 Westmead J J.1.38
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Clinical Research - Healthy Hearts Dr Angelo Sabag 4720 Westmead J J.1.38
Casual Research Assistant Mr David Varjabedian n/a Westmead J J.1.NIL
Research Support Program Fellow - Healthy Ageing: Chinese Medicine Prevention in Chronic Diseases Dr Guoyan (Emily) Yang Westmead 0421718592
Healthy Minds
Professor of Integrative Mental Health Professor Jerome Sarris 4734 Westmead J J.1.46
Research Assistant Mrs Rebecca Jordan n/a Westmead J J.1.NIL
Casual Administrative Research Support Ms Melissa Eaton n/a Westmead J J.1.NIL
Healthy Lives Through Cancer
Senior Research Fellow Dr Suzanne Grant 4747 Westmead J J.1.66 0419126209
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Michael De Manincor n/a Westmead J J.1.STH 0417924632
Healthy Women
Senior Research Fellow Dr Mike Armour n/a Westmead J J.1.65 0415363201
Research Fellow Dr Carolyn Ee (Cheong) 4730 Westmead J J.1.66 0413319830
Research Fellow, Medicinal Cannabis Justin Sinclair 4742 Westmead J J.1.44
Postdoctoral Research Officer Dr Kate Templeman n/a Westmead J J.1.NIL 0466518666
Research Project Manager Kriscia Tapia Westmead J J
Bush Medicine
Associate Research Fellow, Bush Medicine Mrs Beatrice Venkataya n/a Westmead J J.1.NIL