Office of University Secretary and General Counsel

Office of University Secretary and General Counsel
Position Name Extension Campus Building Room e-mail Mobile
Office of University Secretary and General Counsel
University Secretary and General Counsel Ms Helen Fleming 9895 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.18
Office of General Counsel
Executive Officer Ms Liz Chan 9896 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.17
Senior Employment Lawyer Ms Natasha Maiolo On Leave Parramatta EQ EQ.G.13
Senior Consultant Lawyer Susan Bennett None Parramatta EQ EQ.G.08
Litigation and Disputes Lawyer Mr Richard Brierley 9894 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.10
Senior Employment Lawyer Mr Fabian Flintoff 9763 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.13
Commercial And Property Lawyer Mr Johan Haaring 9764 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.09
Senior Commercial Lawyer Ms Theresa Kelly 9758 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.14
Senior Property Lawyer Ms Violeta Kikirekova 9762 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.15
Administrative Officer Martha Ban 9765 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.08
Administrative Officer Mrs Rhyannon Bechara 9753 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.08
Enquiries, Office of Legal Counsel 9895 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.08
Compliance Program Unit
University Compliance Program Manager Ms Keira Hamilton On Leave Parramatta EQ EQ.G.16 0402632652
University Compliance Program Manager Ms Zan Lee 9897 Parramatta EQ EQ.G.16 0488866926
Complaints Resolution Unit
University Complaints Resolution Manager Linda Watson 7465 Penrith (Werrington North)   NOT AVAILABLE 0405135287
Senior Complaints Case Manager Mrs Kerry Cameron-Pratt 7886 Penrith (Werrington North) 0404854684
Senior Complaints Case Manager Edith Taylor 7858 Penrith (Werrington North) 0438159841
Admininstrative Coordinator Mon-Thur Mishael Coleman 7881 Penrith (Werrington North)   NOT AVAILABLE
Administrative Coordinator, Complaints Resolution Mrs Evelyn Richardson 7872 Penrith (Werrington North)
Complaints Line 7900 Penrith (Werrington North)
Office of Audit and Risk Assessment
Director, Audit And Risk Mr Aman Chand 1517 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.02 0404010116
Risk Business Partner Ms Sharan Kaur 1193 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.12 0449848870
Investigations Officer Mr Greg Stecenko 1193 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.03 0414970174
Audit and Risk Assessment Officer Mr Sui-Wah Wan 1508 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.01 0414610354
Internal Audit Officer Dr Bingyi Li 1282 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.12 0432994546
Audit & Compliance Officer Ms Beth Pellow 1145 Hawkesbury P5 P5.G.01
Other Units Within This Portfolio
Office of Governance Services.