Office of Marketing and Communication

Office of Marketing and Communication
Position Name Extension Campus Building Room e-mail Mobile
Office of the Executive Director, Marketing
Executive Director, Marketing Denise Rainey 0417 963 852 Hawkesbury   R5.G.09
Brand Coordinator and Production Manager Aleisha Banks 7245 Hawkesbury   R5.1.05 0414545627
Acting Executive Assistant Miss Jessie Richardson 1982 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26
Office of Analytics and Insights
Senior Manager, Analytics & Insights Mr Ankit Gorakhia 7199 Hawkesbury   R5.G.05 0433591313
Data Analyst Mr Stuart Luijerink 96787092 Hawkesbury   R5.G.04
Office of Corporate Communications
Acting - Director, Corporate Communications Ms Amanda Whibley 7084 Hawkesbury   R5.1.09 0418438399
Media and Public Relations
Senior Media Officer Ms Danielle Roddick 7085 Hawkesbury   R5.1.09 0404016236
Multimedia Content Manager Mr Mark Keiller 7719 Hawkesbury   R5.G.29 0417009360
Senior Media Officer Ms Clare Patience 7075 Hawkesbury   R5.1.11 0418958005
Senior Media Officer Mrs Emma Sandham On Leave Hawkesbury   R5
Media Officer Ms Kathryn Bannon 7331 Hawkesbury   R5.1.08
Media Officer Miss Ali Sardyga 7083 Hawkesbury   R5.1.11 0429936347
Research Media & Communications Officer Ms Danielle Aiken n/a Hawkesbury   R5.1.12 0417904348
Research Media And Communications Officer Emily-Kate Ringle-Harris 8168 Parramatta EM EM.G.05 0475431441
Research Media and Communications Officer Mr David Thompson 7883 Hawkesbury   R5.1.11 0429951552
Media Enquiries n/a Hawkesbury   R5.1.11
Corporate Communications
Marketing Manager, Campaigns Mrs Lisa-Marie Berta On Leave Hawkesbury   R5.1.15
Corporate Communications Manager Mrs Melissa O'Leary 7088 Hawkesbury   R5.1.03 0419244595
Communications Coordinator Miss Toula Arronis 7186 Hawkesbury   R5.1.15
Communications Coordinator Mrs Rachel Falzon 7409 Hawkesbury   R5.1.15
Communications Coordinator Ms Rosemary Sargeant 2764 Hawkesbury   R5.1.15
Communications Officer Alicia Brodersen 7422 Hawkesbury   R5
Communications Officer, Current Students Miss Sarah Kosorok 7111 Hawkesbury   R5.1.15
Social Media
Manager, Social Media Mr Matt Gould 7086 Hawkesbury   R5.G.03 0419292504
Social Platform Officer Mr Adrian Low 7110 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26 0499999909
Social Platforms Officer Mr Joel Wakeham 7188 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26 0449012231
Office of Engagement Marketing & Events
Director, Engagement Marketing & Events (On Maternity Leave) Mrs Lindsay Crump On Leave Hawkesbury   R3.G.14 0412259615
Senior Manager, Engagement Marketing Ms Sophie Partridge 7604 Hawkesbury   R3.1.13
Manager, Events And Strategy (On Maternity Leave) Mrs Sophie Binovec (Nee Ramage) On Leave Penrith (Werrington North) AD AD.G.14
Manager Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Engagement Marketing Ms Jo Galea 7504 Hawkesbury   R3.G.09 0449254812
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Marketing
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Project Officer Mr Wayne Clark 7429 Hawkesbury   R3.G.09
Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Project Officer Mr Josh Mason 7539 Hawkesbury   R3.G.09 0404598275
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Snr Project Support Officer Gabrielle Talbot-Mundine 7563 Hawkesbury   R3.G.09 0419737835
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Snr Project Support Officer Ms Djaleesa Kickett 7124 Hawkesbury   R3.G.09
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Project Officer Tjanara Ridgeway 7330 Hawkesbury   R3.G.09
Pathways to Dreaming Program Information n/a Penrith (Werrington North)
Widening Participation Engagement Marketing
Manager, Widening Participation Mr Jim Micsko 7665 Hawkesbury   R3.1.20 0404609921
Senior Project Support Officer, First Foot Fwd Mrs Sharmaine Danby 7663 Hawkesbury   R3.1.22 0401092058
Widening Paricipation Project Officer, Fast Forward Ms Barbara Stephens 7012 Hawkesbury   R3.1.18 0438464970
Widening Participation Project Officer,Fast Forward (Mat. Leave) Dr Marina Mihova On Leave Penrith (Werrington North) AD AD.LG.11G 0431402557
Widening Participation Project Officer , Fast Forward Losana Ravulo 7659 Hawkesbury   R3.1.18 0410525278
Widening Participation Project Officer, Fast Forward Mr Ciaran Smyth 7664 Hawkesbury   R3.1.18 0409830804
Widening Participation Community Project Officer Bronwyn Williams 7662 Hawkesbury   R3.1.22 0404465691
Widening Participation Engagement Marketing Project Officer, Fast Forward Miss Francesca Paletua 7580 Hawkesbury   R3.1.18 0415606100
Widening Participation PATHE Senior Project Support Officer Miss Ana Setiu Tuala 7583 Hawkesbury   R3.1.22 0450417949
Widening Participation Snr Project Support Officer, NEC Dr Alfred Mupenzi 7157 Hawkesbury   R3.1.22 0412513156
Widening Participation Project Officer Fast Forward Mr Nathan Chong 7093 Hawkesbury   R3.1.18 0466898238
Widening Participation Project Support Officer, First Foot Fwd Ms Shenayd Pate 7014 Hawkesbury   R3.1.22 0431723542
Widening Participation Project Support Officer, First Foot FWD Mr Braydan Pidgeon 7062 Hawkesbury   R3.1.22 0415972971
Widening Participation Senior Project Support Officer, PATHE Miss Talalelei Tutaia 7507 Hawkesbury   R3.1.22 0424531605
Widening Paricipation Project Officer, Fast Forward Ms Rebecca Waterstone 7026 Hawkesbury   R3.1.18 0432071510
Schools Engagement Marketing
Manager, Schools Engagement Marketing Monica Bain 7514 Hawkesbury   R3.1.16 0428412504
Schools Engagement Marketing Project Officer Mrs Alicia Pinning 7597 Hawkesbury   R3.1.16 0413574877
Schools Engagement Marketing Project Support Officer Mrs Amy Ferguson 7102 Hawkesbury   R3.1.16 0410164157
Schools Engagement Marketing Project Support Officer Monique Foster 7228 Hawkesbury   R3.1.16
Schools Engagement Marketing Assistant Mr Peter Kallas 7516 Hawkesbury   R3.1.16 0410615249
Schools Engagement Helpline 1300854224 Hawkesbury
Administration, Strategy & Partnerships
Communications And Content Coordinator Ms Pauline Loughland 7814 Hawkesbury   R3.1.10
Engagement Marketing Reporting & Budget Coordinator Mr Paul Russell 7064 Hawkesbury   R3.1.10
Engagement Marketing Administration Officer Miss Adelaide Desmond 7056 Hawkesbury   R3.1.08
Engagement Marketing Administrative Assistant Ms Jaimee-Lee Clark 7146 Hawkesbury   R3.1.08
Engagement Marketing Administration Officer Ms Candice O'Connor 7661 Hawkesbury   R3.1.08 c.o'
Engagement Marketing Administration Assistant Ms Leanne Yang 7603 Hawkesbury   R3.1.08
Partnerships Officer (On Maternity Leave) Mrs Amie Tabone On Leave Penrith (Werrington North) AD AD.G.09
Manager, Events and Strategy (On Maternity Leave) Mrs Sophie Binovec (Nee Ramage) On Leave Penrith (Werrington North) AD AD.G.14
Manager, Events And Strategy (Acting) Mrs Marina Shakshouk (nee. Ibrahim) 7510 Hawkesbury   R3.G.22 0404243183
University Events - Corporate and Ceremonies
Events Coordinator Mrs Allison Slade 7515 Hawkesbury   R3.G.24 0404122537
Senior Events Officer (Research) Mrs Tweety Sellaro 7923 Hawkesbury   R3.G.24
Events Assistant Mrs Tastri Murdoch 7567 Hawkesbury   R3.G.24
Senior Events Officer Ms Georgia Vasiliadis 7013 Hawkesbury   R3.G.24 0400829791
Events Assistant Mr Edward Moss 7232 Hawkesbury   R3.G.24
Recruitment Events
Events Coordinator (Acting) Emily Thomson 7076 Hawkesbury   R3.G.12 0432981100
Senior Events Officer Ms Jess Francis 7289 Hawkesbury   R3.G.12 0404369595
Senior Events Officer Ms Jennifer Wilson 7148 Hawkesbury   R3.G.12 0416061246
Events Assistant Mrs Nicola Grayson (nee. Vella) 7380 Hawkesbury   R3.G.12
Events Assistant Ms Richa Mistry 7080 Hawkesbury   R3.G.12 0433832443
Engagement Events
Event Coordinator (Acting) Stephanie Foley 7004 Hawkesbury   R3.G.20 0431277507
Events Assistant Liesel Carter 2744 Hawkesbury   R3.G.20
Office of Strategy and Campaigns
Acting Senior Manager, Strategy And Campaigns Ms Dominique Chandler 7313 Penrith (Werrington North) AD AD.G.32
Acting - Senior Manager Strategy And Campaigns Mrs Yasmin Spencer On Leave Hawkesbury   R5.G.10
Senior Partnerships Officer Amanda Hobbs 7166 Hawkesbury   R5.G.09
Partnerships Officer (Acting) Madeline Milakovic 7524 Hawkesbury   R5.G.09
Design Team
Art Director Simon Bosch 7805 Hawkesbury   R5.1.07
Senior Graphic Designer Mr Baden Chant 7522 Hawkesbury   R5.1.07 0400257582
Senior Graphic Designer Charlotte Farina 7518 Hawkesbury   R5.1.14
Senior Graphic Designer Mr Roy Peake 7517 Hawkesbury   R5.1.12
Senior Graphic Designer Celia Zhao 7520 Hawkesbury   R5.1.14
University Photographer Ms Sally Tsoutas 7082 Penrith (Werrington North) AD AD.G.31 0410633194
Design Studio Traffic Coordinator Vonn Layug 7506 Hawkesbury   R5.1.12
Publications Coordinator Mr Wayne Hickson 7511 Hawkesbury   R5.1.12 0478668089
Schools Marketing
Marketing Manager Mrs Nicolle Fowler 7090 Hawkesbury   R5.G.11 0425274026
Marketing Manager (Acting) Dr Sana Marroun 2772 Hawkesbury   R5.G.12
Marketing Manager Mrs Julia McKenna 2515 Hawkesbury   R5.G.11
Marketing Officer, Schools Angela Jones 7505 Hawkesbury   R5.G.11
Marketing Officer (Acting) Mr David McInerney 7845 Hawkesbury   R5.G.14
Marketing Officer Ms Jenny Sargant 7104 Hawkesbury   R5.G.11
Marketing Officer Melissa Wayne 7049 Hawkesbury   R5.G.14 0422606519
Marketing Assistant Miss Simone Brown 7025 Hawkesbury   R5.G.14
Pathways and Programs
Marketing Manager Miss Sarah Misdom 7807 Hawkesbury   R5.G.12 0435779160
Office of Channel Marketing
Director, Digital Marketing Operations Mr Damien Bellew n/a Hawkesbury   R5.G.10 0402259374
Web Unit
Product Marketer, Campaign Management Mr Frankie De Leon 5147 Hawkesbury   R5.1.15
Digital Producer John Gonzaga 1234 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26
Digital Producer Michelle Gurney 7410 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26
Digital Content Author Andrew Douglas 7139 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26
Digital Content Author Mr Peter Gray 7147 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26
Digital Content Author Ms Samantha Roberts 7096 Hawkesbury   R5.G.26
Contact Service Centre
Manager, Contact Service Centre Ms Sara Tavora 5120 Hawkesbury   R5.G.28 0439826965
Contact Service Coordinator, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Ms Danielle Lacey On Leave Hawkesbury   R5.G.16
Contact Services Coordinator (Acting) Mr Peter Hilt 5555 Hawkesbury   R5.G.16
Contact Service Assistant Ms Georgie Lord 5364 Hawkesbury   R5.G.16
Contact Service Assistant Ms Heather Winter 5121 Hawkesbury   G5.G.16
Course Information 1300 897 669 Hawkesbury
OEC Client Services 5800 Hawkesbury