Finance Office

Finance Office
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Finance Office
Executive Director, Financial Operations Mr Darren Greentree 1295 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.07 0437773331
Senior Financial Cost Analyst Mr Aneev Singh 1582 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.02
Executive Officer Jennie MacLeod 1216 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.05
Administrative Officer Mrs Jan Loudon 1876 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.22
Associate Director, Treasury Tim Power 1624 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.03 0419243213
Manager Treasury Operations & Planning Mr Usman Hafeez 1010 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.04 0474180921
Corporate Finance and Business Modelling
Senior Manager, Corporate Finance Mr Jerry Koleth 1689 Hawkesbury R1 R1.G.37 0410302492
Senior Business Analyst Mr Rajendra (Raj) Prasad 1620 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.09 0414593530
Senior Analyst, Corporate Finance And Business Modelling Mr Rory Warren 1871 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.09 0478902401
Management Accounting
Associate Director, Management Accounting Mr Mario Milanovic 1338 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.10 0407930796
Finance Manager, Management Accounting Ms Sonya Burr 1797 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.12 0412645969
Finance Manager, Management Accounting Mr Mahain Jayaram 1411 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.11 0477700968
Management Accountant Division Of Research And Innovation Gemma Aris 5349 Penrith (Werrington South) Library BA.G.01 0419126018
Management Accountant - WSU The College Mr Mark Cahill 4020 Nirimba U11 U11.G.28 0417962301
Management Accountant SoM, SoSSP Mr Bill Dimovski 6434 Bankstown 1 1.1.145 0404541325
Management Accountant - Division Of Finance And Resources Mrs Jacinta Jennings 1354 Hawkesbury R1 R1.G.29 0432537763
Management Accountant, Division Of Academic Mr Zachary Ball 7167 Penrith (Kingswood) T T.5.02 0428157621
Management Accountant, Early Learning Ltd & Western Unlimited Maree Cauchi 1197 Hawkesbury K8 K8.G.2D 0409044690
Management Accountant, School of Science, School of Health & Hlth and School of Nursing & Midwifery Debbie Faulkner 3313 & 3225 Campbelltown 24 24.1.75 0422408216
Management Accountant, School Of Law And Division Of Senior DVC, Division of Academic Mr Govinda Kapoor 9916 Penrith (Kingswood) T T.5.02 0401280198
Management Accountant, Student Experience Office Mrs Kate New 2758 Penrith (Kingswood) I I.2.1 0430939458
Management Accountant SoB, SoHCA Mr Hao Phanith 9365 Parramatta City 1 1.8.94
Management Accountant, School Of Education, SCEM & Law Mrs Nicole Roldan 2785 Penrith (Kingswood) J J.1.07 0412323352
Management Accountant, Division Of People And Advancement Ms Marichelle Usi 7310 Penrith (Kingswood) O O.1.12 0433067675
Assistant Management Accountant Mr Jake Crawt 5107 Penrith (Kingswood) Engineering xb.3.04
Assistant Management Accountant,Division Of Finance & Resources Margaret Hughes 1362 Hawkesbury R1 R1.G.29
Assistant Management Accountant- Schools Nicole Mancini 3313 & 3376 Campbelltown 24 24.1.78
Assistant Management Accountant Mr Joel Schellack 1829 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.05
TM1 Business Analyst Mr Ankur Gaur 1406 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.05
Reporting And Budgeting Accountant Mrs Caroline Shannon 1519 Hawkesbury M16 M16.1.05
Financial Operations
Manager, Financial Operations Mr Scott Sligar 1942 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.05 0404605611
Senior Financial Accountant Mr Peter Vasilj 1898 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Senior Operations Accountant Ms Leah Dincog 1217 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02 0434742847
Financial Accountant Susan Gant 1798 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Financial Accountant Miss Jenny Luong 1469 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Financial Accountant Michelle Russell 1407/4456(M,W) Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Financial Operations Supervisor Mrs Kristene Mansfield 1409 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Assistant Accountant Ms Bella Zhou 1817 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Accounts Receivable
Finance Officer, Receivables (customers) Mrs Tina Monk 1213 & 3095 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Finance Officer Mrs Julie Morris 1201 Hawkesbury M16 M16
Finance Officer, Receivables (Banking) Susan Pulice On Leave Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Financial Services and Governance
Manager - Financial Services and Governance Ms Jennifer Gartland 1327 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.03 0404075008
Assistant Systems Accountant Mrs Simone Taylor 1964 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.02
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Supervisor (Systems) Mrs Liz Naylor 1604 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Operations Supervisor & Credit Card Controller Mrs Shirley Yap 1138 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Officer Mrs Jean Barottsi 1608 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Officer Ms Janet Baker 1484 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Officer Sue Bell 1780 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Officer Mrs Patricia Harris 1737 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Officer Mrs Tracey Painter 1215 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Officer (International Payments) Ms Emi Mara 1605 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable Officer Mrs Michelle Pittaway 1706 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Invoicing & Accounts Payable Officer Lorna Pineda 1462 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Finance Customer Service Officer (Mon,Tues, Thurs, Fri) Mrs Jewel Sairlao 1363 & 8657 Hawkesbury M16 M16.G.10
Accounts Payable, Enquiries 1605 Hawkesbury M16 M16
Travel Payments 1608 Hawkesbury M16 M16